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Foot Job Video (Banned) – Suzi Soles

Foot Job Video (Banned) – Suzi Soles

She was then offered another 650$ for the socks that she wore all the time, and it was not to be washed, so that natural scent of her feet will get embedded into them well worn socks. She also posted a custom video for him , and later couriered him the socks & boots.

After this first gig, she gave another try to another follower who has been desperately trying to contact her. But he offered her an undisclosed amount for a Foot-Jab session. She did that video and got paid a huge sum of money, sadly the person didn’t kept his promise and uploaded the full video online.

After this incident suzi broke and just quit this whole thing. She also never blamed his BF , who actually introduced her to Foot-Fetish for a start.

Foot Model Suzi_Soles

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